Yuncheng Aluminum Equipments & Materials Co.,Ltd.

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Yuncheng Aluminum Equipments & Materials Co.,Ltd.,subordinate to Shanxi Aluminum (Group) Co.,Ltd.,is located in Yongji City,Shanxi Province,on the west of Zhongtiao Mountain and on the north of Yanchi County,as well as closing to Ancient Tower on the west and Guandi Temple on the east.It has convient transportation with Yunfeng Expressway and Tongpu Railway nearby.
The company is founded in October 1989 and covers an area of 86000m2.With a capital of 27 million yuan,it has over 200 employees in...

          • Company Name:
          • Yuncheng Aluminum Equipments & Materials Co.,Ltd.
          • Business Type:
          • Main Products:
          • steel straightening machine,leader straightening machine,leader scrubbing machine,leader milling machine,graphite machine,phosphor hoop,aluminum bus milling machine,claw cleaning machine,ladle,vacuum ladle,open ladle,ladle transporter,aluminum leader,aluminum bus,anode steel claw,ejector
          • Address:
          • No.26,Zhongshan Rd.East,Yongji City,Shanxi Province
          • Post Code:
          • 044501
          • Contact Person:
          • Wang Li
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          • Mobile Phone:
          • Tel:
          • 0359-8151720
          • Fax:
          • 0359-8152015
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